The Maternity Coach

The Maternity Coach

Don't just survive after your return to work, thrive.

COVID-19 update

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all 1:1 coaching is currently taking place via zoom.

Do you feel daunted by the idea of returning to work after maternity leave? Or just want to make sure your return goes as smoothly as possible? Are you looking to support individuals in your organisation through their transitions to and from maternity leave?

My 1:1 maternity coaching sessions give you the opportunity to be supported by a careers coach who is experienced at helping women at all stages in their careers. You will not only be supported through your return, but can also future proof your career against potential problems that can arise later on as a working mother.

Currently, each session takes place online, and while I have suggested topics to cover, you can be coached on any topic you wish. 

What will your sessions cover?

Your 1:1s can cover any topic you wish, but here are some of the areas my 1:1s have covered:

Understanding your new identity - understanding the changes you go through in becoming a mother and how not to lose sight of yourself as a result.

Managing your emotions and concerns - acknowledging and understanding your emotions and concerns makes it easier to manage them

Your handover - your bespoke handover plan to ensure things run smoothly while you are away

Confidence - how to keep it while you are off and boost it ready for your return

Your return to work plan - your bespoke plan for a smooth return to work

Practical issues - the logistics of returning to work

Rebuilding your reputation and visibility in your organisation - give your post maternity career a boost

Long term career - how maternity leave fits in with your long term career plan and how to keep your career on track

These are just some of the ways other mothers have chosen to use their session. The sessions are your opportunity to get the support you need to give your return to work energy and purpose.

Maternity Coaching

Your Journey

Before maternity leave 
90 minute sessions

Reflections, emotions and concerns
Your handover plan
Your return to work plan

During maternity leave
90 minute sessions

Reflections, emotions and concerns
Maintain and boost your confidence
Practical issues
Your return to work plan

After maternity leave
60 minute sessions

Reflections, emotions and concerns
Work/life balance
Practical issues
Re-building your reputation and visibility in your organisation

1:1 Maternity Coaching Packages

There are three packages available depending on your budget and how much support you are looking for over your maternity leave and return to work:

Silver Package

3 coaching sessions: £560


One at each of the key stages of transition: before (1.5 hr), during (1.5 hr) and after maternity leave (1 hr).

Gold Package

5 coaching sessions: £810

As Silver, with two extra 1-hour sessions. Includes free access to my online course 'Thrive after maternity leave' worth £199.

Platinum Package

7 coaching sessions: £1040

As Gold, with two extra 1-hour sessions.  Includes free access to my online course 'Thrive after maternity leave' worth £199.

Please contact me today to discuss options and packages for your organisation.